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Glow Orange Party Lenses

Glow Orange Party Lenses

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Shine under the lights and get noticed with these orange rave contact lenses. UV light makes your eyes glow in the dark with these lenses - this person is fun-loving and likes to stand out in a crowd at a funky event! But is there more to this person?

The glow lenses will invite people to get close and ask questions, to find out more about the glow lenses and the person behind them. The orange colour is unusual under normal light too, so the questions will still come…

Get the ‘what am I about?’ look with these rave contact lenses and make your evening shine! You want to be noticed, right? So, just click them into your basket now, and get ready for the questions!

Contains 2 lenses in factory sealed packaging
Replacement 12 Months
Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Diameter 14 mm
BC (Base Curvature) 8,6 mm
Water Content 45%
Centre Thickness 0,06
Certifications CE approved, ISO9001 and GMP certified
Manufacturer Maxvue Vision
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