Are ColourVUE lenses safe?

Yes they are. ColourVUE is the market leader of coloured lenses and crazy Halloween lenses. They are manufactured by award-winning company Maxvue Vision.

Your eyes are very precious, and you want the best for them – and so do we. The patented MaxVue soft hydrogel lens material is flexible, comfortable to wear, and super-permeable. You can buy and wear MaxVue coloured contact lenses with confidence - they are designed and made to the highest standards in facilities which are GMP approved, using ISO9001 certified processes. They have passed CE approval and are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Glasgow optometrists conducted extensive experiments with volunteer patients and found that out of the six products - Eye Spy, EDIT iGlow, ColouVUE Crazy Lenses, EDIT Big Circle Eyes, Mesmereyes, and high street unbranded lenses, only ColourVUE received an overall pass. Read more here: